Cain Velasquez Blasts Past Antonio Silva In Bloodbath At UFC 146

Cain Velasquez left the world in no doubt that he wants to get back to a heavyweight title fight ASAP as he turned Antonio Silva into a bloody mess in less than a round in the co-main event of UFC 146.

Almost immediately Velasquez had Silva down after securing the takedown of a kick and began trying to rain down ground and pound, though ‘Bigfoot’ used his legs to keep him at bay.

Velasquez avoided an upkick and continued to work, landing a huge elbow strike that opened up a huge cut close to one of his eyes that immediately began pouring blood.

The former champion continued to target that spot as a pool of blood formed on the mat and forced the referee to stop the action to have him looked at by a doctor. After wiping away the blood and taking a quick look athe cut Silva was allowed to continue and the two started back down on the mat.

That was bad news for Silva because Velasquez immediately went back to pounding on him. It wasn’t long before Silva was completely covered in blood again and the damage was really taking it’s toll on the former Strikeforce fighter who started to turtle up, which only encouraged Velasquez to go for the finish, blasting ‘Bigfoot’s’ head with punches to claim a TKO victory with 3.36mins of the first round gone.

This was Velasquez at his best and is the kind of performance that could well secure him another shot at the title against the winner of tonight’s main event.


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