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Cain Velasquez Reveals Who He Wants To Fight Next

Former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was on the set of ‘UFC Tonight’ yesterday to discuss who he wants to fight next, after watching two of the biggest names in the division fighting at UFC 203 this past Saturday night.

Naturally, coming off a big win himself over Travis Browne at UFC 200 back in July, Velasquez is now eager to fight the man currently holding the heavyweight title.

“If Stipe [Moicic] doesn’t want to take a break, I want him next,”
Velasquez told his teammate Daniel Cormier on the FOX Sports 1 show.

“If he does want to take a break – I’ve heard he doesn’t want to fight until 2017 – if that’s the case then the only fight that I would want, and the only fight that would make sense right now would be to fight [Fabricio] Werdum in December.”

Of course Velasquez has already fought Werdum, losing his title to the Brazilian at UFC 188 in Mexico last year, so the fact that he’s the current No.1 contender in the division isn’t the only reason he has him in his sights.

“This one’s personal,” Velasquez admitted. “I could just sit around and wait, you know? If Werdum wants to fight in December, let’s making it happen.”

Check out Cain Velasquez’s full interview below.

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