Carlos Condit broke Thiago Alves nose with an elbow tonight at UFC Fight Night 67 which eventually led to a doctors stoppage in-between the second and third rounds of this entertaining main event scrap.

Round One:

Condit with a high body kick to start. He comes forward with punches, but Alves backs away. Leg kick for Condit. Hard high kick for Alves that’s blocked.

Condit with a front kick attempt to the face and Alves responds with a leg kick. Another kick for Alves. Two left hands and a head kick attempt for Condit.

Powerful leg kick for Alves. Condit with sharp punches. Another hard kick for Alves who then blocks a front kick from his opponent.

Spinning kick from Condit, but Alves is out of range. Condit staying busy and tries antoher spinning kick, but it’s sidestepped by Alves. Alves continues to target the leg kicks.

Condit with an elbow followed by a kick. Big leg kick from Alves and Condit definitely felt that. Alves sneaks a kick upstairs, but it’s blocked. Another punch followed by a blocked head kick and Alves just sticks with a leg kick.

Punch and a really powerful kick across the legs from Alves. Kicks from both men here, but in general there’s more volume of strikes from Condit.

Condit checks a kick and lands a punch, but Alves counters with a big right hand down the pipe. They continue to look to exchange as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Flurry of punches followed by a kick from Condit. Hard kick to the thigh from Alves. Lands one to the body too. Condit with a high body kick.

Condit presses forward with a short flurry, but eats a couple of punches from Alves in the process. Condit feeling out with the front kick and alves with a leg kick.

Big step in elbow from Condit and Alves is dropped by that. He tries to get upright but is dazed and Condit swarms on him and starts unloading with ground and pound. Alves bleeding heavily from what looks like a broken nose from that elbow as he tries to withstand this onslaught.

Big knee to the body from Condit as Alves tries to stand. Alves does get up and threatens with a choke. Condit gets out and Alves lands a few punches as he looks to get back into this fight. He continues to press forward staying aggressive.

Condit moving forward and lands a couple of good elbows. Condit with a big takedown and is back to landing a little ground and pound with both men smeared with blood.

Condit threatens with a choke, but Alves survives and ‘The Natural Born Killer’ goes back to ground and pound. Knee on belly now as he lands punches. Alves continually trying to find a way back up though and eventually manages to do so.

Alves still willing to trade. They exchange in close and Alves tries a head kick. Left hand from Alves and Condit with an elbow, then straight into a spinning elbow. Condit in full flow here with punches and kicks as the round comes to a close.

Alves nose is mess, but he’s not looking for a way out of this fight. The doctor is looking very closely at this though and he says the fight can’t continue.

It’s a shame it has to end this way inbetween rounds as that was a great scrap and Alves still had plenty of fight left in him, but nevertheless, an exciting win for Condit to mark his return to action.