CB Dollaway Defeats Francis Carmont By Decision At UFC Fight Night 41

CB Dollaway was able to drop Francis Carmont with a punch in the first round and utilize his wrestling in the later rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 41.

Round One:

The co-main event is underway. Dollaway lunges in with a punch, but misses and he moves out of range again quickly.

Dollaway with a leg kick and Carmont lands heavier with two of his own.

Dollaway with another low kick. Carmont with a body kick. All kicks at this stage as Dollaway connects to the leg again.

Carmont lands a hard punch and Dollaway stops in his tracks for a moment. Another good punch for Carmont.

Another punch for Carmont and kicks too as he really starts to find his range. Carmont with a spinning kick to the midsection and Dollaway raises his arms open wide baiting Carmont to hit him again.

Dollaway suddenly drops Carmont with a counter left and tries to get the finish, but Carmont hangs tough and manages to get back upright. Dollaway rains down some elbows to the head of his opponent as Carmont thinks about a takedown and then lets go.

Dollaway opens his arms up wide again and Carmont mimicks him which raises a cheer from the crowd. Both fighters are definitely up for this one.

Carmont gets in quick on a takedown and gets Dollaway to the mat in the final minute. He’s on top looking to assert his authority, but Dollaway manages to reverse the position before the bell sounds.

Round Two:

Both men posturing for the crowd before the round starts. Carmont with some hard kicks in the opening minute and threatens upstairs with one too.

Front kick to the face just misses for Carmont. Dollaway trying to press forward with a big strike now, but gets countered by Carmont.

Good leg kick and some nice punches from Carmont who seems really fired up now. However, Dollaway then decides to mix things up and lands a good trip takedown.

Carmont onto his knees and gets to the cage looking to stand. Dollaway pressing his weight down on him as Carmont does manage to stand and threatens with a kimura.

Carmont drops back down to the mat trying to crank the kimura, but Dollaway circles and stays on top before breaking free from the submission attempt.

A minute of the round remaining with Dollaway now in side control near the cage. Dollaway almost in back mount as Carmont tries to stand again.

Dollaway slides off his back, but stays clinging on to him for the final few seconds of the round.

Low kick from Carmont. He lands a nice side kick to the mid-section too, but Dollaway shakes his head as if it doesn’t hurt.

Dollaway trying to land a punch, but leaves himself open to a nice one-two from Carmont.

Dollaway manages to get another takedown from the clinch. He gets to the back now as some blood leaks from a cut to his head.

Dollaway with a few punches to the head and then gets his hooks into Carmont as he really commits to the back.

Carmont does well to suddenly swivel around and get back up to his feet. Carmont clinching up with Dollaway against the cage.

Dollaway goes low looking for the single and at first it looks like Carmont has fought it off, but Dollaway continues to fight for it and does get him on his back.

Now Dollaway moves to full mount, then is on to the back again with a minute to go. Carmont trying to get up, but is unable to and Dollaway is now in his guard.

Dollaway happy just to stay here and count down the final seconds of the fight.


Solid performance for Dollaway here and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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