CB Dollaway earned only the second TKO victory of his 12 fight UFC career tonight as he stopped Cezer ‘Mutante’ Ferreira in less than a minute in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 38.

Round One:

Mutante aggressive with a straight left down the pipe for Mutante in the opening stages, but then Dollaway fires back with a powerful right that sends his opponent backwards across the Octagon.

Mutante not phased though and he takes the fight right back to Dolloway, backing him up against the cage with a flurry of strikes.

Dolloway goes into a defensive shell for a moment, but then fires back with punches of his own, and a hook lands clean and floors ‘Mutante’.

Dollaway hesitates for a moment, then drops down on his opponent and unleashes a barrage of blows on his still dazed opponent.

That’s enough to convince the referee that this fight is over, giving ‘The Doberman’ a very nice TKO victory to add to his resume with just 0.39mins on the clock.

By doing so he hands ‘Mutante’ the first loss of his four fight UFC career, stunning the Brazilian crowd into silence in the process.