Chad Mendes showed off his heavy hands at UFC Fight Night 63 as he stopped Ricardo Lamas by TKO in the opening round of the main event in Virginia.

Round One:

Both men clash kicks to start. Lamas misses with a front kick upstairs. Leg kick from Mendes and one from Lamas.

Big uppercut from Lamas. He tries a front kick and then lands a leg kick. Kick upstairs blocked then a spinning head kick misses.

Lamas looking confident out their early showing off his full arsenal of kicks, but Mendes doesn’t seem too bothered and starts to press forward and put pressure on. Not much offense from Mendes, but suddenly he lands a huge overhand right and Lamas crumples to the mat!

Mendes looking to finish this one in the first round here, but Lamas survives and gets unsteadily to his feet. He’s still rocked though and another punch from Mendes sends him back down to the mat.

Lamas looks all but done, but the ref doesn’t stop it and he reaches in desperation for a leg. Mendes with strikes down to his grounded opponent.

Lamas up again, but he’s still wobbly and staggers across the cage and falls backwards. Still the ref lets the fight continue and Mendes is on him again. Mendes lands a hard punch and thinks Lamas has had enough and he motions to the referee who agrees and it’s all over with 2.45mins on the clock!

Huge win for Mendes who packs a hell of punch for the 145lb weight class. Lamas was in all sorts of trouble there.