Chael Sonnen Ridicules Jon Jones On Fuel TV

Chael Sonnen took full advantage of his position as an analyst on Fuel TV’s ‘UFC Tonight’ show this week to make fun of his upcoming opponent, light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones had caught Sonnen’s attention earlier in the week when he posted, “This will be Chael Sonnens last chance at a title and I am going to train that way… I will dominate my opponent in a way that no one has seen before ..”

Naturally Sonnen had a typically amusing retort to that.

“What do I think? I think…John, stop tweeting. Quit trying to be me. It makes you appear stupid and just gives me material to ridicule you with.

“If Jon Jones, a potted cactus and a slice of pizza from my oven were all on Jeopardy, Jon Jones would not make the final round.”

…and he wasn’t quite finished yet.

“On another note, John, you had another baby and in seriousness – congratulations. At this rate, by this time next year you will be the Octomom of the Octagon.”

After a heated start, Sonnen and the champion have had a surprisingly cordial relationship, but with around six weeks until they finally step into the cage at UFC 159 there’s still plenty of time for that to change.

Watch Sonnen’s full retort for yourselves below.


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