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Chael Sonnen Says Victory In His Rematch With Anderson Silva Won’t Be Dependant On Skill

“Let the best man win,” the old saying goes, but as his rematch with Anderson Silva approaches next month, Chael Sonnen’s definition of what that actually means may differ from other people’s perception.

“It’s my 25 minutes versus his 25 minutes – who can push harder, longer,” Sonnen says in his pre-fight interview for UFC.com. “It has nothing to do with skills. Commentators and announcers love to make this about skills, but it’s not. It’s about who’s tougher than who…who wants it more, who can push harder, longer.”

It’s a telling statement from Sonnen in many ways. Without saying as much it indicates that he believes Silva may have the better skill-set, and that he will probably have to go the distance with the pound-for-pound great in order to get his hand raised.

He’s right though – the kind of blue-collar work ethic that he’s bringing to the table brought him within touching distance of a famous victory over Silva the last time they met, and it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that he can go one step further on July 7th.

Watch more of Sonnen’s UFC 148 pre-fight interview below.

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