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Chael Sonnen Skewers Jon Jones In Interview On ESPN

While Jon Jones stock has plummeted over the past 24 hours, Chael Sonnen’s has risen significantly due to him backing up his many words with actions by agreeing to fight the light-heavyweight champion on just eight days notice.

Jones turned the fight down though, and it’s fair to say that Sonnen isn’t happy about it.

“I just don’t know why he won’t fight me, what else does he have to do?” Sonnen questioned in an interview on ESPN after it was announced that UFC 151 had been canceled. “Is there like a wine-tasting at the local race track or something I haven’t heard about?”

“Jon Jones has his own way of going about things. This guy is an entitled brat, and when you get that way you’re surrounded with people that tell you these things. You don’t think of anybody but yourself.

You know, he’s now with Nike. Nike with Jon Jones is going to have to change their slogan to ‘Just Do Nothing.'”

Despite his frustration Sonnen is convinced he will get a chance to fight Jones in the future, and thinks ‘Bones’ made a big tactical blunder by not agreeing to just fight him now when he’s not at 100%.

“This was his big opportunity to get me on 8 days notice. 8 days notice is going to turn into zero days notice because the final week all you do is make weight and do a media tour.

“This was his opportunity to sway the scales in his favor. Now when I come to beat him, I’m going to get a contract, I’m going to get 90-days, I’m going to have a normal training preparation, this was his big opportunity to slip one past the greatest icon this sport has ever seen and he missed it. He missed it like a chump.”

Watch Sonnen’s full interview with ESPN below.

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