Chael Sonnen Tries To Pressure Wanderlei Silva To Fight Him

Apparently Wanderlei Silva hasn’t yet agreed to fight Chael Sonnen despite the former middleweight and light-heavyweight title contender calling him out during a recent edition of ‘UFC Tonight’.

That’s lead to Sonnen now offering what appears to be an ultimatum to ‘The Axe-Murderer’ via Twitter.

“Wand- you have 24 hours to accept. If you do, I will donate 10% of my purse to help schools in your hometown of Curitiba .. I mean, VEGAS,” Sonnen wrote.

It’s not clear whether Sonnen intends to set his sights elsewhere if Silva doesn’t respond, but in all honesty, unless he’s injured I can’t see the Brazilian turning down this fight.

It’s also a match-up that appears to appeal to the UFC brass as there’s been rumors that they see it as a key piece in the puzzle for their FOX Sports 1 debut event in August.


  1. Chael vs Vitor Chael vs Wand its all good for the sport of MMA

    These are fights he should have had before getting awarded fights with champions. Better late than never.


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