Chael Sonnen Will Take Time Out Before Considering Retirement

Following his second loss to Anderson Silva on Saturday night rumors have started to circulate that Chael Sonnen may now be set to retire from the sport, but speaking on Fuel TV last night he said he’s not ready to make a decision on his future just yet.

“I don’t think any athlete should even begin to talk or even think like that until you let 30 days go by,” Sonnen said of hanging up his gloves during an interview following yesterday’s UFC on Fuel TV 4 weigh ins.

“In anything in life, you don’t want to make decision based on emotion. You have very big highs and very big lows in this sport. You don’t want to make any drastic decisions,” said the Team Quest fighter. “I think it’s an insult to the fans when guys just say ‘I retired,’ when they really mean, ‘I will see everybody in 18 months, because I am coming back.’ When I get to that point in my career, I will make the statement and I’ll never look back.”

Some people have suggested that with his wrestling background and trash-talking expertise that Sonnen would be a perfect fit for the WWE pro-wrestling organization if he was looking to try something new, but it turns out that’s not something he’d be interested in.

“I tried to go to the WWE. It’s in Vegas, on the 16th of this month, but I was leaving Vegas. I’d love to go to WWE. I’d love to get my popcorn. I’d cheer on CM Punk, but I go back to my promoter, Dana White, at the end of the night.”

Finally, Sonnen also shot down the idea that he might be looking to appeal to get his latest loss against Silva overturned despite the fact that his coach Scott McQuarry continues to argue that the second round knee strike by his opponent which brought about the beginning of the end of the fight was illegal.

“Here’s the reality: we don’t do instant replay in this sport, and we shouldn’t. It comes down to a judgement call, and wherever the referee says the knee landed, officially, that’s where the knee landed. That’s an excellent official, as they all are. He made his call, and that’s the way it goes, and I will never complain or look back.”

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