Charles Oliveira Defeats Jonathan Brookins By Submission At TUF Live Finale

Charles Oliveira managed to get the better of former TUF winner Jonathan Brookins both striking and on the ground tonight at the TUF Live Finale as he claimed a second round submission victory.

Oliveira quickly found his range in the stand-up battle in the opening round, peppering Brookins lead leg with kicks while also landing punches straight down the pipe.

Meanwhile Brookins was having difficulty landing anything of his own with the Brazilian doing a nice job of slipping his punches, and so it was only a matter of time before he attempted to take the fight to the floor.

He did so, but he quickly found himself having to fend off a submission attempt as Olivieira brought his legs up and looked for a possible triangle choke or armbar.

That caused Brookins to back up, and after giving it some thought he decided to let Oliveira stand, and that was big for the Brazilian as his opponent’s biggest strength going into this fight was his wrestling from top control.

Oliveira continued to get the beetter of the striking during the remainder of the round, though Brookins did finally start to land a few shots of his own in return and drew a little blood from his opponent.

Onto the second round and after an early striking exchange that left Oliveira with blood on his forehead the Brazilian moved in and secured a takedown, but was caught in a guillotine attempt in the process.

He managed to break free however and then returns the favor, opting for a modified guillotine choke as he squats over his opponent before dropping back and it’s very deep, forcing Brookins to reluctantly tap out with 2.42mins of the second round gone.

So that’s 2-0 for the 22 year-old Oliveira at featherweight, and he definitely looks like he could be a real force in the division.


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