Charles Oliveira Submits David Teymur With Anaconda Choke At UFC On ESPN+ 2

Charles Oliveira had to survive through early adversity after suffering two eyepokes and a knockdown in the first round against David Teymur, but he then began to turn the screw and eventually emerged with a second round submission finish after hurting his opponent on the feet.

Round One:

Leg kick for Oliveira to start and Teymur returns the favor. Head kick attempt from Teymure is blocked, but then he follows up by pushing Oliveira’s head away, but two fingers dig into his eyes in the process and that forces a stoppage for him to recover.

The referee decided after a break that the unintentional eyepoke affected the fight and as such he takes a point off Teymur.

Now the fight continues and they are only just getting underway when the referee stops it again as Teymur lands another eyepoke! However this time the fight continues quickly.

Oliveira coming forward aggressively now, but Teymur is happy to meet him there and he lands a left hand that floors Oliveira!

Oliveira to the mat but tries an upkick from his back and then is looking to work back to his feet. He manages to do so and the fight continues at a high tempo.

Another exchange and Oliveira complains of another eyepoke. The referee stops the action, but only or a brief moment to let Oliveira know that he must defend himself at all times.

Back to it they go and Oliveira gets into clinch range and tries to drag Teymur down and work for a submission. Teymur manages to escape and get back upright though.

Oliveira looking to put the pressure on the feet here. He lands a big knee upstairs and Teymure didn’t like that. He’s gaining confidence here. Oliveira with another flying knee to the chin. In close Oliveira lands some short punches.

Final 10 seconds of the round Oliveira is backing up a little now. Teymur with a hook that connects and that gives him a lift and he ends the round throwing a head kick that’s blocked.

Round Two:

Teymur’s right eye is closing up as the second round begins. Oliveira coming forward aggressively again and he lands a big stepping elbow and it seems to hurt Teymur. Oliveira follows up with an uppercut and for a moment Teymur seems to be ready to quit as he turns his back and ‘Do Bronx’ tees off on him with punches.

Then Teymur seems to regain his senses at least partially and turns trying to fight back, but Oliveira then transitions to an anaconda choke and brings him to the mat with it to force the tap out at 55 seconds of the second round!

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