Charles Oliveira TKO’s Michael Chandler To Become UFC’s Lightweight Champ

Charles Oliveira had to dig deep tonight at UFC 262 after being badly hurt in the first round by Michael Chandler, only to then rally quickly in the second round and finish his opponent by TKO to win both the fight and the lightweight title.

Round One:

The main event fight for the vacant lightweight title is underway in Texas.

Push kick from Oliveira. He lands a big low kick and drops Chandler with it. Chandler straight back up and Oliveira keeps him at bay again with the push kick.

Body punch from Chandler. He lands another. Chandler winging big punches here. He lands clean and Oliveira immediately goes for a takedown.

Chandler sinks in a tight guillotine choke as the go to the mat. Dangerous moments for Oliveira, but he gets free. Chandler gives up his back and Oliveira is immediately on him and now it’s he who is in real danger from the UFC’s most proven submission specialist.

Oliveira is bleeding significantly from a cut to his right eye. Chandler stands up and slams down hard, but Oliveira is still on him tightly.

Chandler is able to explode out from under Oliveira. Oliveira immediately trying to threaten with a triangle choke. Chandler stands up though and Oliveira remains on his back waiting.

Eventually Oliveira stands and Chandler is immediately on him throwing big punches and he rocks him with one. Oliveira goes down under fire and on his hands and knees he tries to bob and weave away from the strikes, but some still get through.

Oliveira not giving up though and goes to his back. Chandler follows him down. Oliveira getting some time to recover now, but Chandler still threatening with ground and pound. Chandler stands over Oliveira now. Oliveira looking to land upkicks as he drops back in at the end of the round.

Round Two:

Left hand for Chandler. Oliveira with a big left hook and Chandler drops! Chandler trying to get up and Oliveira blasts him with a knee and more big punches and sends him straight back down.

Chandler in survival mode here and covers up as the blows rain down on him, and that’s it, the ref has waved off the fight – Oliveira wins by TKO at 0.19mins of the second round and becomes the UFC’s new lightweight champion.

Incredible comeback from Oliveira, who vaults over the Octagon, has words with the commentary team, then goes over and speaks to Dana White and then dance around the cage, jumps into the crowd to celebrate with some supporters and finally gets back into the Octagon!

Amazing action here then, with Chandler looking extremely dangerous in the first round, but Oliveira showing new depths to his mental toughness to weather that storm and then unleash payback in devastating fashion just seconds into the round that followed.

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