After a UFC Fight Night 36 preliminary card filled with decisions, Charles Oliveira gave the Brazilian fans something to cheer about with a third round triangle choke victory to start of the main card, though all credit to Andy Ogle for making him work hard for it.

Round One:

Ogle starts brightly with a series of punches and then tries, but fails to initiate the clinch. Oliviera returns fire and then presses forward to land an early takedown.

Oliveira easily moves into mount and secures himself as Ogle tries to shake him off. Oliveira takes his back and Ogle stands up pressing him against the cage. Ogle can’t shake him off at the moment and Oliviera drops a big elbow down while still clung to his back.

Oliveira hunting for a submission here, trying to get his arm under Ogle’s chin. Then Ogle drops to the mat with Oliveira still attached. Oliveira softening him up with punches. Ogle trying to turn into Oliveira, but isn’t able to do so. He’s staying busy enough here to make life difficult for Oliveira who’s very much in control here, but hasn’t been able to put together a serious submission attempt yet.

Ogle finds a little room momentarily and tries to stand, but Oliveira’s not having it and keeps him down until the round ends.

Round Two:

Oliveira tries a takedown, but Ogle stuffs it. The Brazilian’s right back it though and this time gets it, though Ogle is able to reverse and ends up on top for the first time in the fight.

He’s got Olvieira bundled up against the cage, but somehow Oliveira manages to stand back up. They start to exchange on the feet, but then Oliveira scores another takedown.

This time it’s Ogle who manages to get back upright. He tries to go for a one-two, but Oliveira ducks and takes him down again. A scramble ensues and Ogle is almost out, but not quite as now Oliveira’s trying to finish with a choke. Ogle escapes though and even tries to lock in one of his own.

They scramble and get back to their feet with Ogle pushing Oliveira against the cage. Then he hoists him up and slams him hard to the canvas. Ogle on top in his opponent’s guard now and he moves into side control before Oliveira gets back up, lands a knee and then takes his back and drags him to the mat to end the round.

Round Three:

Ogle with punches to start. Oliveira tries to get a takedown, but Ogle stuffs it. Then Oliveira lands with a strike and it drops Ogle to the mat. Oliveira tries to follow him down, but Ogle’s back up.

Ogle back in the fight with a takedown, but he can’t keep the action there for long and he’s now bleeding from a cut to the right side of his head.

They exchange on the feet and Oliveira works for another takedown, and yet again Ogle’s able to scramble and get on top. Ogle with a little ground and pound as Oliveira tries to catch him with an upkick.

Oliviera suddenly throws up a triangle choke and it’s only a few seconds later that Ogle is forced to tap! Finally UFC Fight Night 36 has it’s first finish of the evening at 2.40mins of the third round, and Oliveira gets back in the win column.

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