Chris Weidman and Floyd Mayweather Jr were pictured at a pool party after retaining his title a week past Sunday and it turns out the two champions were talking business…or at least one of them was.

“We had a conversation, he was cool, he knew all about me,” Weidman tells Ariel Helwani on the latest edition of The MMA Hour show. “He sent Chuck Zito to come get me to come hang out with him, that’s the way it went down. He was cool, it was a good experience. He’s definitely a good guy to know. … He’s a pretty down to earth guy, he loves money, and he’s as successful as you can possibly be as an athlete. I’ve got respect for him.”

When asked what they were talking about Weidman revealed that, as his nickname implies, Mayweather wanted to discuss money.

“I just talked to him about business stuff, he told me how much money, he just went right into money,” Weidman said. “He’s Floyd “Money” Mayweather for sure. I’m like ‘hey how are you doing man, I have a lot of respect for you.’ He was like ‘aww, I made so far $125 million,’ I was like, ‘wow I didn’t even ask you about that, but that’s awesome.’ [Mayweather said] ‘I own a private line of planes, I own everything.’ I’m like,’ that’s awesome, I didn’t ask you, but that’s great to hear. I wish I had all that stuff.'”

That sounds kind of weird, but of course Weidman’s too nice of a guy to say so himself!