This UFC 187 middleweight title fight produced fireworks with Vitor Belfort initially having the champion Chris Weidman in trouble on the feet, only to then find himself on the receiving end of a sustained ground and pound assault as Weidman earned a first round TKO victory.

Round One:

The middleweight title fight is underway with a touch of the gloves. Head kick attempt from Weidman to start but it’s blocked.

Weidman taking the center of the Octagon. Another head kick attempt from Weidman and spins into another, but both miss.

Weidman continues to pressure, fakes a takedown attempt and then he goes into a real takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Belfort stumbles back and Weidman charges after him and throws a big knee, but he stumbles too and it’s all a bit chaotic out there momentarily.

Belfort connects with right hook which seems to have Weidman in a bit of trouble. Weidman backing up and Belfort starts absolutely teeing off on him with everything but the kitchen sink. It starts with a few left hands then uppercuts and hooks come flying in. Weidman just having to cover up here under this sustained onslaught.

Weidman survives and gets some space with he uses to swoop in on smooth takedown attempt. Just what he needed after being in real danger!

Now it’s all Weidman despite the fact he seems to be bleeding from a cut to his head from that earlier exchange on the feet. Hammerfists come from half-guard, then he’s into the mount and looking to give Belfort a dose of his own medicine.

Belfort gives up his back but soon turns around and Weidman is punishing him with heavy ground and pound. Belfort running out of options fast and is trying to punch back up at Weidman which isn’t going to do the job as the champion is strong on top and landing the much heavier offense.

The ref is taking a close look at this and Weidman is drilling Belfort’s head off the canvas with punches and smacks down several huge elbows. If this continues he might get knocked out, but the ref decides he’s seen enough and so Weidman will happily take the first round TKO victory with 2.53mins of the first round gone.

Great job from the champion to survive that early onslaught from one of the sport’s most lethal strikers, and then almost immediately get his revenge with the vicious ground and pound.

Chris Weidman is compiling a very impressive run as champion, taking out some of the biggest names in the sport along the way.