Clay Guida was back to his grinding best against Robbie Peralta at UFC Fight Night 63, landing some impressive takedowns and giving his opponent absolutely no room to breathe over the course of 15 minutes.

Round One:

The two men trade leg kicks and pump out their jabs. Guida wings a big right hand, but it doesn’t connect. Peralta continues to work leg kicks.

Guida bundles forward with the first takedown attempt of the fight. Peralta stays upright pressed against the cage, but not for long as Guida hoists him into the air and drops him to the mat.

Peralta manages to use the cage to stand, but Guida stays on him and lands a couple of knees to the thigh, then again dumps him hard to the mat. Solid takedown.

Guida in half guard and happy just to control position. Peralta looking to stand again, up on one knee. Guida trying to take his back and does so. One hook is in, but they are pressed awkwardly against the cage.

Peralta tries to stand, but Guida keeps his weight on him and drags him back down. He stays locked in the clinch and lands a couple of knees. Peralta up again with Guida on him like a backpack to end the round. All Guida in round one.

Round Two:

Guida throwing some hard punches to start the second, a leg kick and then into a nice takedown. He shuffles forward and presses Peralta against the cage. Not what Peralta wants.

Perlata to one knee and looks to stand and does so, but Guida’s still clinched tight to him. Not too much happening here, but it’s better for Guida than Peralta as he’s in the dominant position. Ref eventually looks to separate them – just as Guida was setting up a takedown.

A little stand-up and then it’s right back to the clinch from Guida, but it was evident their that Guida has a cut that’s bleeding significantly which probably occurred during an earlier exchange.

Action stalling again here. Guida separates briefly and Peralta tries to let his hands go, only for Guida to shunt straight back into him.

Ref separates them and it’s back to the stand-up. Perlata launches a left and right, but they don’t land. Peralta with an uppercut too, loading up on it, but needs to find his target.

Body kick and a punch from Peralta which leads to Guida attempting to clinch as the round ends.

Round Three:

Onto the third round then and Peralta has a lot of work to do. He immediately starts letting his hands go in the center of the Octagon. Guida with a punch then goes upstairs with a head kick.

Guida targets the body now. Peralta misses a low kick and Guida goes up again with a kick that’s blocked. Then Guida changes things up and lands a takedown. Peralta up, but Guida hoists him aloft, walks him to the center of the cage and slams him down. The takedowns have been excellent from Guida tonight.

He moves Peralta over to the cage again and this time he manages to move into full mount and he’s working on an arm triangle choke. cage is in the way so he can’t shift off to the side. Guida applying a lot of pressure though and they move enough that he does eventually get off to the side, but Peralta escapes and Guida quickly moves to maintain top position.

Guida now working from side control. Peralta manages to improve his position and stand with Guida still in on his hips thinking about another takedown attempt. Peralta drops down some elbows.

A minute to go and Guida is tirelessly grinding his way to victory here. Up and down Peralta goes one last time in this fight as Guida gets back on top in the final seconds of the fight. Peralta manages to stand just as the final horn sounds.


Absoutely no doubt about the winner here, Guida convincingly outwrestles Peralta to claim the unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).


  1. It was really boring. Guida is only a wrestler. He is never going to be a contender for a championship.