Conor McGregor has taken aim at the WWE several times recently, stating that he’d “slap the head of your entire roster,” and stirred up an angry response from the pro-wrestling’s outfits biggest stars.

Big names like Roman Reign and industry veterans such as Rick Flair and Kurt Angle all angrily fired back at ‘The Notorious’, while one former pro-wrestling superstar turned UFC fighter, CM Punk watched on in disbelief.

“I think the thing that shocked me the most about what Conor said was the number of people who work there who responded to him who should know better,” Punk said during an interview on Hot 97. “I don’t feel they got worked, they got worked. Ric Flair, c’mon. Just stop. Just knock it off.”

McGregor was at it again earlier this week, calling the current crop of WWE stars, “a bunch of dweebs,” and specifically calling out John Cena as, “a failed Mr Olympia,”.

After that salvo, legendary former WWE commentator Jim Ross noted in his blog that this time around the lycra-clad community were far more muted in their response.

“Seemingly many in the pro wrestling biz who responded the first time that McGregor titillated them have ‘smartened up’ this go around but the controversial fighter is still getting plenty of publicity from the media who love to cover the walking sound byte.”

McGregor’s outbursts have certainly generated plenty of publicity for his UFC 202 rematch with Nate Diaz, and with all signs pointing to another blockbuster pay-per-view number, McGregor should be laughing all the way to the bank, win or lose on Saturday night in Las Vegas.