Cole Miller was left unable to continue in his preliminary fight with Jim Alers at UFC On FOX 17 on Saturday night after a painful eye poke midway through the second round.

The 31 year-old was given time to recover by the referee and cage-side doctor, but it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t able to open the eye at all and so Herb Dean was left with no option but to end the fight, resulting in a ‘no contest’ ruling.

Naturally there was real concern for Miller’s sight in his left eye after the poke, but thankfully an examination at a local hospital in Orlando, Florida, they were able to confirm there was no damage to his cornea.

“Update for everyone,” Miller wrote on Instagram. “No cornea problems. They said I have traumatic iritis and gave me an eye patch and eye drops to help with pain and light they said it may take a few days to get back to normal. Hope that’s true. #sadselfie #ufconfox #fightweek #fighterproblems #NoContest #anybodygotawinpurse.”

Miller has been suspended indefinitely due to the injury, but it seems that he’ll make a full recovery and get back to fighting at some stage in 2016. In the mean time, he’s got a sweet pirate eye-patch to take selfies with over the holiday season.

Pirate life selfie. Arrrrghhh.

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