Cole Miller Submits Sam Sicilia UFC Fight Night 35

Cole Miller really put the hurt on Sam Sicilia in the second round of their fight this evening at UFC Fight Night 35, first rocking him with punches on the feet before taking him down for the submission finish.

Round One

The two men keeping their distance in the opening thirty seconds. Miller eventually lands a leg kick and Sicilia returns the favor soon after.

Miller gets into range and fires off a few punches and then backs out again as Sicilia winds up with one of his own.

Miller uses the front kick to keep distance then rushes forward with a flurry of punches that don’t make too much of an impact.

Sicilia stalks Miller down and throws off a few looping punches. Double jab from Miller and then a front kick that just grazes his opponent’s face.

Inside kick from Miller and Sicilia responds with heavy punches. Miller trying to fight at range, but Sicilia is finding a way inside at times and his latest attempt to do so results in a big shot finding a home that has Miller hitting reverse gear quickly.

A few kicks from Miller. Sicilia tries to get his hands going again, but Miller shoves him away. In the final 10 seconds Sicilia ventures forth one last time with strikes, but Miller leans back to avoid them.

Round Two

Miller works behind the jab to start off the round. A one-two combination lands solidly for Miller and Sicilia seems a little stunned. He gets back into tthe fight immediately with a flurry of punches, but he’s now sporting some swelling around his left eye.

There’s a slight lull in the action and then Miller lands a left hook to the chin followed by straight right to that damaged eye and it buckles Sicilia’s legs, though he quickly rights himself and is back up.

Miller’s not giving him time to recover though, piling on the pressure and then in an instant he’s taken the fight to the floor and is immediately on Sicilia’s back with a rear-naked choke in progress.

It’s only a matter of time now and on cue Sicilia taps out with 1.54mins of the second round gone.

Nice work here by Miller, proving that he could get the better of the heavy-handed Sicilia on the feet before taking him out on the mat.

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