FOX Sports talking head Colin Cowherd has made some bold claims about the blockbuster UFC 202 rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz this past weekend.

Cowherd claimed on his ‘The Herd’ show that McGregor Vs Diaz II was “the best fight in the last 20 years,” and likened it to Muhammed Ali Vs Joe Frazier.

Furthermore, Cowherd also moved on to state that in his opinion this fight “was the final nail in the coffin…boxing’s dead,” and that MMA had now taken over.

Cowherd wasn’t the only journalist who was bowled over by Saturday night’s spectacle, as ESPN’s Skip Bayless also sung the fight’s praises after the twenty five minute war had concluded.

“As a longtime hardcore boxing fan, starting w/ Ali Era, I’ve been leery of UFC. But after my 1st live event last night, I’m now all-in,” Bayless wrote on Twitter.