Conor McGregor And Chad Mendes Trade Insults During BT Sport Interview

Chad Mendes appeared on the UK’s BT Sport channel yesterday in a live link-up from Brazil to talk about his upcoming title challenge against current featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 179, but with Conor McGregor in the studio it was inevitable that the conversation would eventually swing towards a fight between the two.

It started with Mendes looking to quieten down McGregor’s jibes that he was “a midget”, reminding the fast-talking Irishman that at 5ft 9″ he was only three inches taller than him.

McGregor wasn’t ready to take that on-board though, instead wisecracking that Mendes should, “stand up because we can barely see you on the screen,” which raised a laugh from the audience.

It didn’t fare any better for Mendes when he tried to take a pot shot at McGregor’s grappling ability, questioning if he’d “ever heard of wrestling?”

“I can rest my balls on your forehead,” McGregor quipped, setting the audience off into fits of laughter again.

Despite clearly not being McGregor’s biggest fan, Mendes did credit him for having “talked his way all the way up to the top” and bringing a lot of attention to the division, and lived up to his ‘Money’ nickname by claiming that when he looks at the Irish star he just sees, “dollar signs in my bank account.”

The one thing the two appeared to agree on during the interview was that whether Mendes wins or loses on Saturday night, they are both eager to fight each other at some stage in the future.

Watch the full exchange between the two below.


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