Conor McGregor Beats Up Dennis Siver In Two Rounds At UFC Fight Night 59

Conor McGregor handed Dennis Siver a beating in less than two rounds at UFC Fight Night 59 this evening to book his title shot against Jose Aldo.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway after McGregor gives Siver the finger when he doesn’t touch gloves!

Kick to the body for McGregor. Siver misses with one of his own. He comes up short with a leg kick too. McGregor with a spinning kick that misses, but lands with a side kick to the body.

Jumping head kick from McGregor that’s at least partially blocked. McGregor stumbles a little as they clash.

Siver in on a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed. Body punch from McGregor. Siver with kicks to the legs.

McGregor blocks a high kick and claps his hands. McGregor with his own high kick. Siver with a short flurry of punches.

Nice left hand for McGregor. Hard high kick from Siver that’s blocked. Jumping knee to the head connects for McGregor and then a punch behind it sends Siver’s mouthpiece flying. McGregor pouring on the pressure here with Siver’s face showing signs of damage.

The ref picks his moment to give the mouthpiece back. McGregor flowing with confidence here and unleashes a barrage of strikes and Siver responds with a takedown attempt, but the Irishman is right back up. The momentum is all with McGregor here and he looks very composed and fluid with his offensive attacks.

Again McGregor backs him up and unleashes a big combination of punches against the cage and Siver is just covering up. Final seconds of the round and McGregor is looking for the finish, but Siver manages to stay on his feet until the bell sounds.

Round Two:

McGregor with a jab and Siver lands a hard body shot. High kick from McGregor that just misses. He lands a good straight left. Spin kick to the body. Jumps into a kick and Siver responds with one to the body.

Siver keeps McGregor at bay with a couple of front kicks. Two-piece combination of straight punches from McGregor and Siver falls backwards to the mat.

McGregor follows him to the mat with ground and pound. He gets into full mount and starts blasting down with punches and elbows, and that’s it, the referee has seen enough and McGregor gets the second round TKO victory with 1.54mins on the clock.

After the fight finishes McGregor runs over to the cage, jumps over it and starts taunting featherweight champion Jose Aldo who was at Octagon-side to watch the fight. McGregor is shouting at him, but Aldo is as cool as a cucumber and just laughs at the spectacle in front of him.

As enjoyable as these cage-side theatrics are the big talking point here is how easily McGregor picked apart a solid striker like Siver, proving again that’s there’s a lot more to the Irish sensation than just the gift of the gab and it’ll be fascinating to see how his skills match up against a fighter of Aldo’s caliber.

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