Diego Sanchez and Conor McGregor haven’t exactly been the best of friends for some time now and as their twitter feud fires up once again the two appear eager to get into the Octagon and settle their differences, though at the moment it appears they can’t seem to agree on a suitable date.

The latest verbal exchange between the two started when Sanchez wondered aloud on Twitter who his next fight would be against.

“Man I need a fight! Im pretty sure after nate and gray fight ill have a opponent. want @NateDiaz209 but it will prob be gray #nateknows,” Sanchez wrote.

Someone asked why he wasn’t considering McGregor as a possible opponent for him, to which Sanchez responded, “because the point is to climb the ladder.”

Taking note of that verbal jab in his direction, McGregor quickly fired back with interest.

“@DiegoSanchezUFC Only reason you haven’t been cut 2 Bellator, with the other has-beens, is because you defend shots with your nose. 0-4 #CUT”

McGregor then attempted to arrange a fight between them in his own hometown.

“@DiegoSanchezUFC My comeback fight will be Dublin next year. Its a done deal. McGregor Vs Sanchez. Ireland Vs Mexico. @danawhite Lets do it.”

Sanchez countered that with a suggestion of his own.

“I’m up next in Dallas Texas in March let me know if you want to get #KTFO ? Your all talk #challengeisout,” Sanchez wrote.

After McGregor failed to respond, Sanchez implied that the Irishman was running scared.

“See talks sh*t but when the challenge is laid out he crawls back into his little shell. #dallas #letsdoit”

The problem is that McGregor is almost certain not to be fit to compete in time for a March showdown as he’s currently rehabbing his left knee after surgery to repair a torn ACL.

“You brain dead, stuttering fool. Read the fine print. And put your bib on so you don’t drool on my tweets,” McGregor told Sanchez.

So, timing wise it seems that this fight isn’t going to happen right away, but given the heat between these two it’s surely only a matter of time before they do eventually square off in the Octagon.