He’s done it again! Conor McGregor tonight became the UFC’s interim featherweight champion after he survived some tough spots on the mat against Chad Mendes before stopping him with punches in the final seconds of the second round.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. McGregor rushes out and immediately lands a spinning kick to the midsection. McGregor with a knee, but Mendes takes him to the mat.

However, McGregor gets back up to his feet quickly and is talking to Mendes in there, goading him. He gets caught with a punch though.

McGregor tags him hard with a punch and Mendes acknowledges it. Mendes bursts forward looking to fire back with a strike. Another punch lands for McGregor. He’s looking for the spinning kick again to the body.

McGregor constantly talking and motioning to Mendes here and he might be getting inside his head a bit. McGregor with kicks to the body. A few punches land rapid fire for Mendes as McGregor backs up.

Mendes in on a takedown attempt and he lands it hard. Mendes briefly has him on the mat, but then McGregor is back up. Mendes unleashing a few punches and McGregor has a little blood to his right eye from an elbow when they were grounded. They are exchanging and already this is shaping up to be an exciting fight.

Left hand for McGregor. Mendes in on a strong takedown and passes guard very nicely and is into side control with McGregor looking vulnerable, but to his credit he does get Mendes back to half guard. He’s in a real fight here though. Mendes fighting for a guillotine, but McGregor escapes that and gets him back to full guard. Mendes being warned by the ref to watch his fingers which are getting a bit too close to McGregor’s eye that was cut there.

Round Two:

McGregor smiling and nodding his head as they prepare to start round two. Mendes with a leg kick. Kick from McGregor. Spinning kick attempt from McGregor.

Another spinning attack misse and Mendes tries to shoot in on a takedown, but it’s stuffed this time.

McGregor with a series of punches that has Mendes covering up and moving away. Mendes bursts in on a takedown and lands it in the center of the Octagon. He lands an elbow from inside McGregor’s guard. He’s being patient, but lands another elbow to the head.

Two minutes of the round gone and Mendes has the fight right where he wants it. Another elbow for Mendes. Suddenly it’s McGregor who’s blasting Mendes with elbows to the head from the bottom. Mendes complains they are illegal, but the ref says they are ok.

Another elbow from Mendes and a solid punch. He’s remaining in McGregor’s guard for now. McGregor wants the fight stood up, but the ref disagrees and tells him to fight. Mendes passes to half guard and fights for a guillotine choke, but McGregor defends and rolls to stand-up.

Now it’s mCGregor’s turn to unleash a series of punches on the feet. Mendes doesn’t like this and goes for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. McGregor is making up for lost time as he unloads with more punches and a body kick landing. Mendes is in serious trouble here all of a sudden with just seconds remaining in the round!

A big right and powerful left hand land flush for McGregor and Mendes drops to the mat. McGregor over him and lands a few strikes. Mendes is covering up…it looks like he’s had enough and that’s it, McGregor has stopped him by TKO with just three seconds of the second round remaining.

Amazing stuff! Just remarkable stuff, especially as Mendes was giving McGregor a really hard time on the mat, yet as soon as he had a chance on the feet he took it. McGregor is emotional after this victory and who can blame him. It’s been a rollercoaster, but no doubt it’s all been worth it in the end and now we have the spectacle of that McGregor Vs Aldo title unification bout to look forward to!