Conor McGregor TKO’s Eddie Alvarez To Become 2 Division Champ At UFC 205

Conor McGregor TKO’d Eddie Alvarez in the second round tonight at UFC 205 in New York City to win the lightweight belt and become the first two-division consecutive champion in the history of the UFC.

Round One:

The main event lightweight title fight is underway in New York City!

Leg kick for Alvarez. Straight left for McGregor, but he stumbles due to a leg kick. Another leg kick for Alvarez. Front kick to the body from the Irishman.

McGregor taking the center of the Octagon here. Alvarez looks to flurry but McGregor lands a counter left hook and then another that floors Alvarez.

McGregor lands a couple of punches on the ground, but to his credit Alvarez gets back to his feet despite that looking like a brutal finisher. His powers of recovery are well known and he’s proving it again here tonight.

Again Alvarez tries to charge forward and again McGregor catches him with a counter that staggers him.

Straight left for McGregor and Alvarez falls to the mat. Wow! Alvarez is still conscious and looking for a submission as McGregor follows him to the mat, but he’s struggling badly to handle the challengers power.

McGregor with some ground and pound and then Alvarez is back to his feet. Head kick attempt from McGregor doesn’t connect. Alvarez tries a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Glancing left hook from McGregor,. Now the front kick. Alvarez with a leg kick. Right for Alvarez, but McGregor also lands a counter left. Great powers of recovery from the lightweight champion to still be in the fight though.

Body punches for Alvarez. Head kick attempt from Alvarez, but McGregor blocks it. Body shot for Alvarez.

Round Two:

So Alvarez survied the first and he’ll now be hoping that he can begin to tire out McGregor the longer the fight goes.

McGregor stepping out of range of Alvarez’s punches. McGregor cracks Alvarez with that power left hand again, but this stime he stays upright.

Alvarez looks for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. McGregor puts his hands behind his back, toying with Alvarez. He then lands couple of oblique kicks and a side kick to the body. Lead uppercut and a left hand from mcGregor.

Alvarez comes in aggressively and lands a nice right hand. Encouraged by that Alvarez presses forward with more heavy leather, but McGregor lands a right hook counter that staggers the champ.

Alvarez manages to press McGregor up against the cage though and he’ll hope to start wearing him down from here. Knees from McGregor though, and then more before he breaks.

Body strikes from McGregor. Now a swatting left hand. Alvarez tries to go on the offensive, but McGregor’s counter-striking is brilliant and he floors Alvarez yet again with a four-piece combo of left and right hooks. He looks to follow up with ground and pound, but before he can really unload the referee decides ‘The Underground King’ has had enough and ends the fight.

What an impressive display from ‘The Notorious.’  He didn’t just defeat Alvarez, he absolutely demolished him with ferocious power and with that TKO victory he becomes the first UFC fighter ever to hold two belts (featherweight and lightweight) at the same time.

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