Corey Anderson Defeats Tom Lawlor By Unanimous Decision At UFC 196

Corey Anderson extended his unbeaten run to three fights tonight with a unanimous decision victory over Tom Lawlor at UFC 196.

Round One:

Lawlor reaches with an overhand, but misses. He’s taken the center of the Octagon for now. Anderson lands a body punch.

Lawlor moves in close and lands aggressively with uppercuts and then a short flurry of hooks appears to hurt his opponent. Anderson moves away a little bit wobbled with Lawlor on the pursuit and unleashing more offense.

Good start for Lawlor, but Anderson recovers and the pace settles down again for now. Anderson with a leg kick. Now a right hand.

Lawlor misses with a hook. Anderson back for another leg kick. Front kick attempt for him now as he looks to fight Lawlor from range.

Anderson feeling out with the jab, but not landing it and Lawlor connects with a punch of his own. Another dangerous combination from Lawlor and his right hook is giving the former TUF champ some trouble at close range.

Exchange in close and most of the punches miss, but Anderson finds a home for a quick left. Anderson with a one-two. Leg kick for Anderson.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Anderson, but Lawlor catches it and takes Anderson to the mat. Anderson is quickly back up though.

Lawlor back to commanding the center of the Octagon as Anderson works on the outside. Solid straight left from Lawlor gets Anderson’s attention.

Anderson working behind his jab now. He misses with a right hand and Lawlor looks to capitalize, but isn’t able to.

Left then a solid right from Anderson. Anderson finding a home for a few punches now, though nothing too hard.

Leg kick for Anderson and a counter punch from Lawlor. A hook apiece lands. Back to the leg kick for Anderson. Now a solid right hand.

Left grazes for Lawlor. Short right for Anderson. Anderson lowers down for a body punch and meets a Lawlor knee.

Lawlor wades forward with a flurry of hooks. Decent head movement from Anderson there and he tries to respond with a few strikes of his own.

Anderson almost succeeds in getting Lawlor to the ground as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Anderson with a leg kick. left and a right combo for Anderson, but eats a counter. A couple of straight rights for Anderson, but coming up slightly short on those.

Anderson lands a nice takedown and is in side control. He lands a couple of knees to the body. Now an elbow drops down to the head.

Lawlor trying to scramble, but Anderson keeps him down and continues to work, now from half guard. He’s landing more ground and pound now. He attempts to pass to side control, but Lawlor keeping him where he is for now.

Hammerfist for Anderson with two minutes remaining. Little chipping punches now as Lawler just tries to lock him down and get a stand-up. The ref decides on a stand-up due to a lack of action which favors Lawlor.

Leg kick for Anderson. Now a right hand. Back to the leg kick. Anderson looking busy, but not much is connecting with real impact. He does get a final straight right in there as the round ends.


Relatively close fight here, but the judges give Corey Anderson a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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