Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua Defeats Corey Anderson By Split Decision At UFC 198

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua dropped Corey Anderson late in both the first and second rounds on his way to a split decision victory tonight at UFC 198.

Round One:

Shogun takes the center of the Octagon to start. Anderson moving on the outside. Leg kick for Shogun.

Both men a little short with punches, but Shogun lands the leg kick again. Anderson lands a punch. He’s trying to use his superior reach early from the outside, but Shogun is continuing to land leg kicks at the same time.

Both men still trying to lock down the range of their punches at this stage. Overhand lands for Shogun behind the jab. Now Anderson working his long jab. Another leg kick for Shogun. And again.

Jab lands for Anderson. Shogun slips on an overhand attempt and Anderson rushes forward and rattles off a few strikes as the Brazilian rights himself. Anderson leaps in with a strike and then clinches up against the cage.

They break apart. Anderson ducks a punch and lands the jab. Leg kick for Shogun. Left hook for Shogun. Anderson with a couple of punches.

Head kick attempt from Anderson. Both men miss an overhand, but Anderson follows up with a left hook that does land. Leg kick for Anderson.

Leg kick for Shogun. Double jab for Anderson. Left hook from Shogun puts Anderson on jelly legs and then floors him with a right hand. Shogun trying to finish with hammer fists, but Anderson is still aware of what’s happening and manages to stifle his offense until the buzzer. Big end-to-the round for the Brazilian.

Round Two:

Anderson light on his feet to begin the second. Leg kick for Shogun. Jab for Anderson. Anderson wades forward with punches.

Leg kick for Anderson but Shogun immediately responds with one of his own. Anderson with a flurry, but Shogun defends.

Nicely timed takedown for Anderson with four minutes of the round remaining. Anderson stands up and looks to go back down and pass guard, but Shogun scrambles up. Anderson presses him up against the cage and looks for another takedown. It doesn’t pay off, but he lands a left and a right as he backs out.

Anderson pumping the jab then lands the straight right. Anderson burst into a single leg but has to settle for the cage clinch. Shogun defending his continued attempt to take him down.

Shogun moves away. He glances with a right hook. Uppercut for Shogun as Anderson comes ducking in.

Body kick for Anderson. Now a leg kick. Anderson ducks under a punch. Now he presses in forcefully for a double leg and lands it, but Shogun is immediately back up.

Leg kick for Shogun. Uppercut for Anderson. Leg kick for Anderson now. Leg kick for Shogun and then he connects with a right hand after catching a kick which dumps Anderson to the mat. Shogun follows him down, but the round ends before he has a full chance to capitalize.

Round Three:

Anderson with the jab working to start. Hard leg kick for Shogun. Left hook for Anderson, but Shogun counters with a strike of his own.

Anderson in on a takedown attempt against the cage. He’s working hard for it and does manage to drag Shogun down near the fence.

He’s working in Shogun’s full guard, landing a few shots to the body. He connects a nice elbow to the head. A few punches to the face as Shogun works to stand against the cage. He does so successfully.

Two minutes to go and they are back upright. Shogun with a leg kick. Again Anderson boosts into the takedown and drives Shogun up against the cage. He manages to put the Brazilian down, but only for a second before Shogun stands again.

Anderson drags him to the mat again, and once again they are right back up again. A minute remaining and Anderson is still sticking to the takedown gameplan. He’s struggling to get him down this time, though.

He separates for a moment then leaps into a knee strike and back to trying for the takedown as the round ends. This one goes to the scorecards.

Unanimous Decision:

A close fight here and that’s reflected in the split decision verdict, but it’s Chute Boxe legend Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua who did enough to get the nod from two of the judges to emerge victorious in his hometown of Curitiba (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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