Cory Sandhagen Defeats John Lineker By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 150

Cory Sandhagen edged out John Lineker in a competitive main card battle from start to finish tonight at UFC Fight Night 150.

Round One:

Sandhagen much the taller of the two and he’s pressing forward early. Big punches to the body from Lineker though. Another hard punch lands for Lineker.

Sandhagen with a few lighter strikes then a flying knee attempt. Leg kick for Lineker. Body kick from Sandhagen. Now a leg kick.

Body punch for Sandhagen. Lineker to the body again. Good jumping knee from Sandhagen appears to connect. Lineker winging hooks, but doesn’t find the mark.

Body punches from Lineker. Sandhagen with a capoeira kick that partially lands, but without power. Powerful hook connects for Lineker.

Another hook for Lineker. Again he wades forward and lands the left hook. Knee upstairs attempted by Sanhagen. Sandhagen switching things up, even trying a spinning kick to the body that misses.

Right hand for Sandhagen. BOdy punches from Lineker. Hook for Sandhagen. Leg kick for him now. Connection to the body then a punch to the head that results in Lineker raising his hands to the side indicating it didn’t hurt.

Big inside leg kick from Lineker that unsettles Sandhagen’s balance momentarily.

Round Two:

Leg kick from Sandhagen. Now a leg kick in respons from Lineker. overhand for Lineker. nother kick from Sandhagen. He lands an oblique kick now and then a crisp jab.

Leg kick for Sandhagen, body punch on the counter from Lineker. Jump knee attempt from Sandhagen. Straight left for Sandhagen. Now he lands a body punch.

Switch kick to the body from Sandhagen. Two punch combo from Lineker and then another behind it. Sandhagen works a takedown and almost gets Lineker down, but he somehow stays upright.

However, Sandhagen tries again and gets him down thhis time. However, Lineker is quickly back up against the cage and back to striking range.

Body kick for Sandhagen. Hooks for Lineker and then a left hand. Jab for Sandhagen. Lineker with a crafty move to take Sandhagen’s back and then drag him to the mat.

Lineker looking for a choke here, but Sandhagen scrambles to stand back up.

Right hand for Lineker. Uppercut for Lineker and a counter jab from his opponent. Body punch for Sandhagen in the final 10 seconds.

Round Three:

Sandhagen feeling out with the jab. Exchange of leg kicks. Lineker pressing forward but gets caught by the jab.

Body punch and one upstairs from Lineker. Lineker wades forward again throwing heavy leather, but then eats a couple of counters from Sandhagen.

Straight left for Sandhagen. jab for Sandhagen, combo for Lineker in return. Sandhagen pumping the jab and Lineker landing with the hook.

Stepping elbow for Sandhagen. Hard left hook from Lineker. Jab for Lineker now, but a straight right connects for Sandhagen.

Left hook from Lineker as Sandhagen moves to his side. Body kick for Sandhagen. Body punch from Lineker and then a multi- punch combo upstairs, but Sandhagen takes it.

Two minutes to go and Lineker continues to wade forward. Jumping knee from Sandhagen. Left hand for Sandhagen and countered with several punches by Lineker.

Big punch lands for Lineker. Left and right hooks for him. Now another right connects. Powerful body shot. Big hooks land for Lineker and Sandhagen’s legs seem to buckle for a moment there and he reacts quicky by going for a takedown.

However, Lineker immediately counters with a guillotine choke and it’s in quite tight, but with blood now leaking from his face, Sandhagen manages to hang on in there until the final bell.


Good back-and-forth battle here and despite appearing to be hurt late in the third round it’s Sandhagen who did enough in the early rounds to emerge with a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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