Costas Philippou KO’s Lorenz Larkin In First Round At UFC Fight Night 40

Costas Philippou got back to winning ways in style tonight at UFC Fight Night 40, knocking out Lorenz Larkin with punches in the first round.

Round One:

Larkin circles to start then unleashes a couple of kicks.  Left hand lands hard for Philippou.  He connects with another strike and Larkin seems to stumble.

Philippou starting the brighter here and he lands a nice kick to the body before moving into the clinch against the cage.  Knees and foot stomps from him now.

They break part and Philippou pumps out the jab.  Larkin lands a good uppercut and a flurry of strikes behind it.  Hard kick for Larkin.  Philippou is looking for leg kicks too in this fight to compliment his boxing game.

Philippou counters a leg kick and these two are really exchanging some heavy leather in the first round as fists start flying.  Philippou in the clinch now, but not much happening and Larkin lands a nice strike as they break apart.

Philippou pouring on the pressure now with a left hand to the chin sending Larkin backwards before a nasty right behind it sends him head first to the canvas out cold . 

Big power from Philippou and this fight is over with 3.47mins of the first round gone!

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