Ben Saunders Defeats Court McGee By Decision At UFC Fight Night 103

Ben Saunders edged out Court McGee on the scorecards tonight at UFC Fight Night 103.

Round One:

Low leg kick for McGee to start. Saunders with a high kick and then mcGee moves into the clinch. However, it’s Saunders who lands a nice knee upstairs before they break free.

Back to striking range now as they settle into the fight. Saunders with a body kick. Leg kick for McGee. Another leg kick for McGee.

Body kick for McGee now and one in return from Saunders a little higher. A few punches apiece and then another clinch, with Saunders again looking dangerous with his high knees and Saunders already sporting a cut on his face.

Powerful body kick for Saunders. Now a leg kick. McGee with a head kick, but it doesn’t land with enough power to trouble his opponent.

Front kick upstairs grazes Saunders. Saunders with strikes in return. Short flurry from McGee as he presses forward. Kick to the head from him, but Saunders blocks it.

Leg kick for McGee. Right hook for Saunders and a couple of kicks. Now a kick to the body. Right hook and a clinch knee as ‘Killa B’ gets the better of the exchanges.

McGee coming forward though and lands a few punches as Saunders backs up to the cage. Saunders with a hook in there and the round ends with both men still eager to exchange.

Round Two:

Exchange in close that Saunders gets the better of. Couple of kicks from mcGee miss the target. Body kick for Saunders. Now one in return from McGee.

McGee again going upstairs, but gets caught with a counter punch from Saunders. McGee with a right hand. Body kick for Saunders.

McGee pushing forward aggressively and Saunders looked a little sloppy for a moment there as he backed up.

Left hand for Saunders and a leg kick. McGee presses Saunders to the cage, but he moves away and lands a big body kick as he does so.

Another body kick for Saunders. Leg kick. Exchange of punches in close again. Another kick from Saunders and one to the leg from McGee.

McGee clinches up trying for a takedown, but eats a few uppercuts for his troubles. Another big body kick from Saunders.

McGee keeps relentlessly marching forward and clinches up with Saunders against the cage in the final minute of the round. He lands a nice knee upstairs. A few more knees and punches, but nothing too significant, then Saunders lands a knee of his own and moves away.

Both men looking to exchange at striking range as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Nice right hand from McGee to start the third. Head kick attempt from McGee misses. Kick to the body from Saunders and one upstairs that doesn’t find a home.

Both men exchanging body kicks now. Leg kick from McGee. Yet another body kick from Saunders, but doesn’t land cleanly. Solid right hand from McGee seems to buckle Saunders legs slightly. McGee follows up with a head kick.

That punch a few moments ago definitely took the spring out of Saunders step a bit and he’s now more on the defensive. McGee chooses to go for a takedown against the cage. He has to work hard for it, but manages to bring Saunders down with half the round remaining.

McGee in half-guard landing a few punches to the body. Saunders trying to look for submissions, but McGee staying solid on top and lands some solid ground and pound towards the end of the round.


A close fight then, with Saunders perhaps edging the first half of the fight, while McGee started to impose his will in the second half. In the end the judges think Saunders did enough to get a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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