Cyborg Will Fight Rousey With Hands Tied Behind Her Back, But Won’t Cut To 135lbs

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos yesterday spoke out angrily denying Dana White’s claims that she doesn’t want to fight Ronda Rousey, while still making it clear that she’s not willing to cut down to 135lbs to fight her.

Over the course of a few setences ‘Cyborg’ calls for a fight with Rousey at a catchweight of 140lbs, accuses White of trying to slant the fight in the champion’s favor, says she’ll fight her with both hands tied behind her back and calls her a bitch.

Given that Tito Ortiz is currently her manager you have to wonder if he had a hand to play in some of that smack-talk.

Either way it ensures that this story is going to rumble on for the forseeable future.

Read ‘Cyborg’s’ full statement on Instagram below.

“I am not afraid of Rhonda! I will fight her anywhere and anytime for free – everyone knows I barely make 145- but I am willing to sacrifice and meet her half way at 140- I can’t believe dana says I want nothing to do with Rhonda- what he wants me to do is fight Rhonda with both my hands tied behind my back or comatosed-so that she can have a chance-which is what making me fight at 135 is to finally shut everyone up – i will fight Rhonda with one hand tied behind my Back at 140lb and still kick her ass and prove that I’m the real champ not her- and let the winner take ALL come on rhonda step up bitch!”

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