Dan Henderson Set To Retire After Michael Bisping Rematch

Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson is expecting his UFC 204 rematch with new middleweight champion Michael Bisping to be announced any day now, and the 45 veteran says it’ll be the last time he sets foot in the Octagon.

“That is my plan, win or lose I’m ready mentally to retire,” Henderson said in an interview with SevereMMA.com. “My body could still probably go another two, three years more. I’ve put it through enough. I’m ready to take it a little bit easier, but still be involved in MMA doing something a little bit different than fighting”

Henderson was already something of an unlikely title contender, given that he’s only won two of his last five fights and is ranked No.13 in the division, so the fact that his plan is to win the belt and then retire makes the match-up even more awkward.

Nonetheless, this is a fight that fans have been calling out for, with ‘Hendo’s’ knockout of his rival Bisping in their first encounter back at UFC 100 back in 2009 being one of the most brutal and memorable finishes in the history of the sport.

Back then Bisping was one of the most hated fighters in the sport, and though he’s won over some fans in the years since, ‘The Count’s’ outspoken, cocky attitude in the wake of his unexpected title win against Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 has left some hoping that ‘Hendo’ will shut him up again.

Despite that loss to Henderson having haunted him for years, Bisping jumped at the chance to make his first title defense against his rival, and now hopes to gain vengeance and banish that painful memory for good.

Henderson’s not so sure that it’s such a good idea though.

“Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it,” Henderson warned.

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