Dana White Adamant UFC 249 Will Still Happen

A lot of people are skeptical that UFC 249 will still happen after three events proceeding it were cancelled earlier this week due to the coronavirus pandemic, but while he admits there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment, Dana White remains adamant that it’s going ahead.

“If you asked me questions 10 days ago I could answer any question you threw at me,” White told TSN. “I don’t know a lot things right now. Think about this. Las Vegas shut down the casinos I never thought I’d ever see that in my lifetime. Khabib and Tony is going to happen. We’re going to make it happen. It’s just going to be a matter of how quickly it would go back to being normal.”

Nevertheless, when pressed as to whether UFC 249 would definitely happen on it’s intended date on April 18th, White was forced to admit that, “I don’t know, I’m sort of just rolling with the punches here and have been since the beginning. I don’t know, I can’t honestly answer that question for you.”

That seemed like a reasonable response given the current climate, but it wasn’t long before White was back to being bullish about his chances of making the fight happen.

“If you’re a fan, if you’re a media member, or whatever you might be – you wanna bet against me? You wanna bet that I can’t pull stuff off? I mean at some point you stop doubting me I’d imagine, but maybe not. So, we’ll see.”

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