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Dana White Has Been Filming For A New Reality TV Show

Those of you who’ve been longing for a return of UFC President Dana White’s video blogs will be interested to learn that he’s been filming for a new reality TV show that could prove to be a replacement for them.

“It’s untitled, we don’t have a name for it yet,” White told MMA Mayhem Radio during an interview at NFC 75 on Saturday night. “It’s basically…I used to do video blogs, then I came up with Embedded and Embedded sort of took over the video blogs, and I guess this is another version of the video blogs.”

White goes on to suggest that this new show may not just be about the UFC though.

“Earlier on in the UFC I used to travel around and go to all the small shows and I used to look for talent, and Lorenzo (Fertitta) has been hounding me for a while to get back on the road and start going to small fights again, so here I am.”

It sounds like it’s not just going to be about White though as he’s brought a few friends along for the ride.

“I’ve got Matt Serra with me and my buddy Nick ‘The Tooth’ and a couple of other people. So, we go into towns like this here tonight, we come into town, watch the fights and then take in the culture and the food of different cities every day. We’ve been having a blast. We’ve literally slept about five hours in the last three days and tonight’s the last night.”

Don’t expect to be seeing the new reality show on the UFC’s YouTube page or Fight Pass subscription service though as White revealed in a chat with fans recently that they are looking to put it on TV, though it remains to be seen which channel it’ll end up on.

Watch Dana’s full interview below.

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