Speculation has been rife about what Georges St.Pierre may be set to announce at a press conference he has scheduled for this Friday, but UFC president Dana White has warned fans not to expect any ground-shaking news.

“He’s not making any announcement on Friday,” White told Sportsnet. “This thing was planned for months. He’s going up to the opening of a mall. He’s signing autographs with fans and he’s doing 10 minutes with the media. People were talking about he called a press conference and all these other things. I’m not saying he might not having something to say in these 10 minutes, he might, but it’s no crazy announcement like everyone was saying earlier.”

So, if White doesn’t know anything about it then there’s no chance that the fighter will be announcing a rematch with Johny Hendricks as some had suggested, and you’d imagine that if it was something as big as st.Pierre announcing his retirement then he’d probably wouldn’t choose to do so at the opening of shopping mall!

White did say however that he intends to speak to the long-time welterweight champion when he returns from his vacation on Thursday, and Friday’s meet and greet will be the first time the press will have a chance to gauge where St.Pierre’s head is at a few weeks removed from his initial announcement in the Octagon that he wanted to take some time out.