Unfortunately there’s no post-fight interviews with Dana White to share with you following UFC 152, so instead we’ve rounded up the UFC president’s key thoughts from the post-fight press conference below.

– Dana White says he told matchmaker Joe Silva last night that Anderson Silva Vs Michael Bisping could be “an interesting fight.” He was keen to stress that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen however, but he feels Bisping doesn’t get the respect he’s due.

– Whether you Love him or hate him, White feels that, “you can’t deny the kid is extremely talented and one of the best in the world.”

He also thinks Jones proved to the doubters that he can fight through adversity after taking some big shots from Belfort and fighting with the elbow injury he sustained during the early submission attempt.

– White admits Jones is “close” to cleaning out the light-heavyweight division, but he still has to fight Dan Henderson. At the same time he points out that at one stage he was saying the same thing about Anderson Silva at middleweight, yet he’s now got a string of potential contenders.

– Dana defends Jones from the boo-boys, saying that despite the problems he’s had lately, “he’s not a bad guy.”

As for his face-to-face chat with Jones on Friday, White says they had “a great conversation” and that it went well. However, he says Mama Jones gave him a bit of a talking too during the event, and that didn’t go so well!

– Dana disagrees that the deep armbar attempt on Jones showed that he is beatable. Instead he thinks that Jones escaping it, and then not showing any signs that he had been hurt by it only makes him a more impressive fighter, and he feels he looks “unbeatable.”

– Demetrious Johnson will likely make his first flyweight title defense against the winner of John Dodson Vs Jussier Da Silva.

– White put the fans who were critical the flyweight title fight on blast.

“Let me tell you, if you didn’t like that flyweight fight – please, I’m begging you, don’t ever buy another UFC pay-per-view, I don’t want your money. Your a moron, you don’t like fighting and you don’t appreciate great talent or heart.”

He also says he was “horrified” by the booing during the fight.

Not content with just that rant, White then moved on to criticize an article from Toronto Sun journalist Steve Simmons earlier in the week which described the UFC as “a jugger-not”.

Describing the journalist in question as “a d*ck”, White rebuffed what he believed to be a number of inaccurate facts stated in the article.

Perhaps the most interesting one is that Dana says that Brock Lesnar wasn’t the UFC’s top draw – Georges St.Pierre is, and always has been.

For the record, White says the current top 5 pay-per-view draws in the company are:

1. GSP
2. Anderson Silva
3. Chael Sonnen
4. Jon Jones
5. Rashad Evans

– White insists that despite all the talk about Anderson Silva Vs GSP he’s not overlooking Carlos Condit and believes he does have a legitimate chance to beat the welterweight champion.

– He believes that Jones is without a doubt one of the greatest talents the UFC has seen, and if he can continue on the path he’s on now he could even outdo Silva to become the best fighter ever.

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  1. So giving a proven well rounded fighter like bispimg a titleshot is such an issue but giving a loser like chael sonnen three titleshots is ok?
    1. sonnen vs silva I
    2. sonnen vs silva II
    3. sonnen vs jones (he was offered the shot by dana)

    Ufc is really becoming silly.
    And yes, the dimetrious johnson fight was disappointing, Dana, stop trying to oversell theses borring paperweight title fights.