Dana White Roasts Mike Jackson After CM Punk Win; Fighter Fires Back

Michael Jackson may have won his first ever MMA fight against CM Punk at UFC 225 on Saturday night, but Dana White has made it clear there’s no chance he’ll be getting another chance to fight in the UFC again.

“Michael Jackson, I’m not happy with,” White told reporters at the post-fight press conference. “This guy was acting like a goofball tonight. You get this opportunity to fight CM Punk and you’re doing like bolo punches to the body on top? Never looked like he was trying to finish the fight ever, right? Looked like he could have finished the fight a few times. Never tried. I don’t know what that guy did for a living before we gave him this shot, but whatever it was he needs to go back and do that again. He’s 0-2 as far as I’m concerned.”

White then confirmed that Jackson is no longer in the UFC.

“That’s it for his UFC career. I wouldn’t put that kid in the Contender Series.”

But he wasn’t quite finished roasting Jackson yet.

“I got the sense that he’s a complete fucking idiot and I couldn’t wait for that fight to end and I regretted not putting it on Fight Pass. That’s how I felt about it.”

Jackson has since responded to White’s criticism and defended his actions during the fight.

“I’m legit confused here,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “I’m trying to figure out how I was “cocky” & “taunting”?! I’m sorry, I didn’t knock out Phil, dude is hella tough. And I didn’t want to get caught with some dumb shit.

“I hit him with punches and elbows and he stayed standing. I didn’t want to run in and get caught with dumb shit. Imagine being the guy who loses to CM Punk!

“I was looking at my corner for instruction. The crazy thing, I was never showboating and/or taunting in the fight. Dana White says some silly shit and the internet hits the sprints with it. AH WELL!

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know punching someone in the face while looking at my corner was showboating; excuse me.

“It wasn’t a “wind up”, it was trying to land a clean shot instead of just throwing random punches.”

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