Following last night’s UFC 192 event in Houston, Texas, Dana White gave a quick ‘walk-and-talk’ interview to give his thoughts on the night’s big moments and you can read our keynotes below and watch the video for yourselves below.

– Dana marvels at the pressure that Daniel Cormier is able to put on his opponents, the fact that he has good cardio even though his physical frame suggests otherwise and also wonders aloud how the champion managed to bounce back from the big knee that landed flush to his face and dropped him in the second round.

– White is equally impressed with Alexander Gustafsson’s heart, his ability to take a punch and the fact that he was able to take down a world class wrestler like Cormier several times.

“Incredible performance by both guys. I had it 3-2 Cormier. I think the judges had the right decision,” White said and says with conviction that Cormier definitely won the final round.

– Dana seemed happy with the event overall, in particular the prelims which he said were “unbelievable” and singled out Rose Namajunas, Sage Northcutt, “The Russian Kid” (Albert Tumelov?) for their performance on the night, and not forgetting Yair Rodriguez who broke his foot yet still went on to win.