Watch Dana White’s UFC 194 post-fight interview after one of the biggest night’s in the sport’s history and read our keynotes too.

– Dana’s initial reaction to Conor McGregor KO’ing Jose Aldo: “Holy sh*t!”. He thought the two were going to wage war over several rounds, but that wasn’t how it played out at all.

– He thinks McGregor will now move up to lightweight, particularly as his coach John Kavanagh said he never wants to see him having to make that 145lb limit again as the weight cut is extremely difficult for him.

– According to White he’s already told Frankie Edgar that it looks like McGregor is moving to 155lbs and Edgar was “pretty bummed about it.”

– At this point of the walk and talk interview they actually pass by Edgar and Megan Olivi informs White that McGregor said that due to Edgar’s big win on Friday night he might actually stick around to fight him. White says he didn’t know that and gives a thumbs up to Edgar. White claims he’s open to whatever McGregor decides to do next.

– As for Aldo, White says that if McGregor vacated the title then he’d likely get straight back to a title shot for the vacant belt against Edgar.

– White believes that the fight between Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman should have been stopped in the third round after Rockhold laid a sustained ground and pound beating on Weidman. He gives credit to Weidman for being so tough and durable, and says that one little mistake can change everything, and in this case it was him opting to attempt a wheel kick that left him exposed and allowed Rockhold to get him to the mat in the first place.

– He gives Rockhold credit for being the type of fighter who capitalizes immediately when his opponent makes any kind of a mistake.

– White says Yoel Romero probably will be the first challenger to new middleweight champion Rockhold’s title, but the fight didn’t play out the way he expected. He said Romero looked amazing in the first round, but felt he has issues with his conditioning and gassed out in the latter stages of the fight.

– He suggests perhaps the pressure got to Max Holloway tonight despite his victory and sums it up by saying, “We’ve seen better from Max.”

– The UFC president is non-commital about asked whether Urijah Faber will be given the next shot at the winner of Dillashaw Vs Cruz.

– White believes that McGregor will fight three times in 2016.