Daniel Cormier War Of Words With Jon Jones After Offering To Train OSP

Light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has offered to train his replacement fighter Ovince St. Preux against Jon Jones at UFC 197 after having been forced out of the fight himself due to a leg injury.

OSP has since turned down the offer, but it did spark off another heated war of words between bitter rivals Cormier and Jones on social media.

“Willing to train OSP and is willing to pay for his expenses?” Jones questioned Cormier on Twitter. “You are a sheep in wolves clothing and I see right through you. pussy.”

“Coward is running from the scene of a crime without checking on person you hurt,” Cormier fired back. “Coward is refusing to fight Gustafson. Coward is ufc 151.

“Jon jones I have never been afraid of you or anyone in my entire life. You calling me coward is insane. Your day will come bitch.”

This was only the start of what would turn out to be a lengthy series of back and forth exchanges between the two in which they indicated that they are now considering UFC 200 as a potential landing spot for their rematch.

“Change your tampon, ice your shinsplints and [be] ready for UFC 200,” Jones stated. “My practice is starting, I’ll check in later for this answer of yours.”

“Jones you can’t hurt me, u lunch like a bitch,”
Cormier replied. “Ur not winning decision next time. Just don’t get ur dumb ass arrested again. Loser junkie.”

Undeterred, Jones continued, casting doubt on the extent of the leg injury that kept Cormier from fighting at UFC 197 on April 23rd.

“Here’s another question for you while we all still wait for your first answer,” Jones said. “Are you hurt or are you injured?”

“Remember jones I didn’t call u coward when u moved our 1st fight due to injury hypocrite,” Cormier reminded the former champion. “That’s biggest word I’ll use when talking to u.

“Last tweet. Jon ur dumb! Like really dumb. Get off ur high horse and stop riding the white horse. Junkie , I’m gonna rip ur head off!”

“Lol we? who’s we? You and your vagina?” Jones mocked.

“Me, my team and any reasonable human being,”
Cormier responded as the Twitter battle finally drew to a close.

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