Demetrious Johnson Finishes Wilson Reis With Armbar At UFC On FOX 24

Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson retained his title in style tonight at UFC On FOX 24 with a slick armbar finish against Wilson Reis.

Round One:

The main event flyweight title fight is underway in Kansas City!

Johnson with a leg kick to start the fight. Reis looking for a combination, but misses. Another kick for the champion. He lands a quick jab then beats his opponent to another low kick.

Reis with a leg kick, but a harder one comes in return from Mighty Mouse. Head kick attempt from the champ, but it’s blocked.

Right hand for Johnson, tries for a takedown and falls off-balance for the blink-of-an-eye, then is back upright again.

Johnson continues to work strikes and utilize quick movement. Reis trying to coral him and powers into a takedown, but as soon as DJ hits the mat, he pops right back up and gets to striking range again.

Reis trying to throw out some offense, but is having a hard time finding the target so far. Johnson missing with a few punches of his own, but the leg kick finds it’s target.

Kick for Reis now. Right hand for Johnson. Winging overhand misses for Reis. Now Reis tries for a takedown, but DJ stuffs it comfortably.

johnson makes Reis miss and then lands a right hand. More right hands for him and then he just keeps at a safe distance for the remaining seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Body kick for Reis. DJ moves into the clinch, but not for long. Leg kick apiece land. Punch lands in close for Johnson and gets out of range of the counter.

Body kick for Reis again. Right hand for DJ, then thinks about a takedown, but spins around to the back clinch instead. Reis stops the takedown and they go back to striking.

Body kick for Johnson. Now a leg kick. Clean right hand. Superman punch. Quick techniques here. Reis tries to roll into a takedown, but Johnson steers clear of it.

Reis finally lands a significant punch and that might give him some confidence. Hard body kick from DJ. A couple of jabs and a right hand for the champion.

Light body kick for Reis. Right hand for Johnson. Now a body kick and a straight left. Body kick just glances Johnson then the champ lands one.

Reis starting to get bloodied around the face now. Big knee to the body for Johnson and Reis drops to the mat after failing to catch it. Johnson follows him down and gets busy with rapid-fire ground and pound in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Body kick for Reis and a leg kick in return from DJ. Head kick attempt from Johnson is blocked. Hook lands for Johnson and then stuffs a takedown.

Johnson picks out a nice right hand. Now another right hand lands for the champ and Reis again tries for the takedown and it’s easily stuffed.

Hard body kick for Johnson. He’s really beginning to pick the challenger apart now. Punch to the head and now a solid kick of the body.

Reis with a body kick now. Johnson threatens with a head kick. Spinning attack from Reis, but nothing doing. Johnson’s right hand continues to be quick and accurate.

Johnson lands a takedown now. He briefly stands, then is back down again and secures side control. Reis gets back to half-guard. Solid elbows for DJ.

Johnson has some blood smeared on his elbow now from a new cut he’s opened up. Reis leaking blood, but DJ shows him no sympathy as he increases the intensity, moving to side control and then mount while rattling him with big strikes, then beautifully transitions to an armbar and forces the challenger to tapout.

Brilliant stuff from Johnson, showing exactly why many people believe he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport at this moment in time as he secures his tenth consecutive title defense at 125lbs.

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