Conor McGregor recently boasted that he could finish boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr in 30 seconds if they fought in the Octagon, but flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson reckons he could stop him even quicker.

“He said 30 seconds?” Johnson enquired when asked about McGregor’s comments on FOX Sports 1’s ‘America’s Pregame’ show yesterday. “I’m not impressed. I can do it in 15.”

“I believe the skill-set of mixed martial artists outweight a boxer by far. The reason why is because boxing, it’s just one dimension. In mixed martial arts we have so many dimensions, where we can take it to the ground – I can blow his ACL out, LCL, MCL – all that stuff with the heel hook. Stuff that he doesn’t know anything about.

“So, Conor McGregor he’s right on there with 30 seconds. For me, being the fastest man in mixed martial arts – I think in 15 seconds I can get it done.”

Johnson will have a chance to show off his skills this weekend when he headlines UFC 186 opposite Kyoji Horiguchi on pay-per-view. In the mean time check out his comments for yourselves below.