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Demetrious Johnson TKO’s Henry Cejudo In First Round At UFC 197

Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson used brutal knees and elbows from the clinch to put a quick end to his fight with Henry Cejudo tonight at UFC 197, with the TKO stoppage coming mid-way through the first round.

Round One:

The flyweight title fight is underway. Cejudo takes the center of the Octagon and Johnson lands a couple of quick leg kicks, then a powerful overhand that only just clips his opponent.

Early clinch in the middle of the Octagon and both men lands knees as they jockey for position. Nice right hand from the champion as he exits.

Head kick attempt from Johnson. They clinch again and Cejudo lands a nice knee. More knees exchanged and then Olympic gold medalist Cejudo is able to take Johnson down. However, it’s not long before Johnson is able to get back to his feet.

They clinch again and Johnson lands a couple of really good knee strikes in there and then presses the challenger against the cage. Cejudo reverses the position. More great knees in the clinch from Johnson and a huge elbow too.

Another knee upstairs and Cejudo suddenly staggers away – he’s rocked! Johnson with a straight punch as he chases him down, then clinches and lands another big knee to the liver which sinks Cejudo to the canvas. Cejudo is done as a couple more punches land before the referee stops the fight at 2.49mins of the very first round.

Terrific performance from Johnson, and a fast, impressive finish like that is just what he needs to help win over fans who might not appreciate just how talented this guy really is.

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