Dennis Bermudez made a big statement tonight by submitting Clay Guida with a rear-naked choke in the second round on the main card of UFC On FOX 12.

Round One:

Guida letting his hands go early, but Bermudez lands a solid body kick in return.

Hard right hook lands for Guida. Guida goes for a takedown, but Bermudez shows very good balance as he shakes it off. Guida against the cage now looking again to take this fight to the mat, but Bermudez is again able to stuff it.

Bermudez piecing some nice combinations at times, finishing with leg kicks. There’s an exchange in close and Bermudez looks a little off-balance and Guida goes in for another takedown attempt – but Bermudez very nicely shrugs him off.

A knee to the head lands for Bermudez and that may have opened up a cut to Guida’s face. Bermudez really starting to pour on the pressure now and against the cage he lands more hard knees and punches.

Guida sinks to the mat under the pressure and Bermudez is on top. He’s got Guida’s back and is looking for a rear-naked choke now. Guida survives the first attempt and starts landing punches behind him to stay active and even sticks his tongue out to the camera to show he’s fine as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Bermudez pumps out the jab – he looks much faster and more precise with his movement and striking than Guida. Having said that, Guida does land a nice right hand. Guida’s still eager to get the fight to the mat though, but again his attempt is stuffed.

Nice combo finishing with the leg kick again for Bermudez. Guida with a leg kick. A couple of jabs from Bermudez snap his head back.

Bermudez is the one taking the center of the Octagon and pushing the pace so far. Guida tries to change that, charging forward with a flurry of punches, but Bermudez uses that momentum to take him down and gets his back. Almost immediately he’s in on a rear-naked choke attempt and even a tough customer like Guida can’t hang tough with a submission that deep and he’s forced to tap with 2.57mins of the second round gone.