Ricardo Lamas Submits Dennis Bermudez In 1st Round At UFC 180

Ricardo Lamas brought Dennis Bermudez’s seven fight winning streak inside the Octagon to an end tonight via a first round guillotine choke submission.

Round One:

Lamas wings a head kick just over Bermudez head. Lamas does land with a couple of low kicks though.

Bermudez with a right hand and then goes into the clinch, pushing Lamas against the cage. Bermudez with a few short knee strikes then Lamas spins out and they reset.

Hard leg kick for Bermudez. He tries to clinch, but Lamas shrugs him off. Leg kick for Lamas and a harder one from Bermudez in return.

Bermudez looking for a kick, but Lamas kicks him at the same time and knocks him off-balance to the mat. Bermudez back up and pushes in on a takedown attempt against the cage. He can’t get it, but remains in the clinch. Lamas reverses and lands a knee to the body. Bermudez scores with one of his own and returns to the dominant position against the cage.

He backs away and starts to unleash strikes, but Lamas also connects with a counter. They break apart. Lamas steps into a jab and it knocks Bermudez to the mat.

Lamas immediately follows him to the mat and sinks in a guillotine choke. He’s locked in deep and has one of his opponent’s arms trapped too making it very difficult for him to defend and so Bermudez is reluctantly forced to tap out with 3.18mins of the first round gone.


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