Derek Brunson wasted no time in finishing Sam Alvey tonight at UFC Fight Night 73, landing a lot of heavy leather in the opening couple of minutes of their main card encounter which set up a TKO victory.

Round One:

Odd opening here as they keep a large amount of distance between each other. Then Brunson suddenly bursts in looking for the takedown, but ends up just working the clinch against the cage.

Brunson with some nice punches in close here. Alvey goes for the muay thai clinch, but eats a good uppercut and more punches along with it.

A knee strike the body from Alvey and a punch from Brunson as they continue to work against the cage. Brunson starts to let his hands go again and he’s tagging him repeatedly with heavy blows in a very nice combination.

Alvey trying to get some space to regroup, but Brunson chases and continues to blast away with big punches against the cage. Alvey trying to fight back and is showing a great chin here, but Brunson has a huge amount of momentum here and has him in big trouble.

Alvey reeling again under fire and he drops to his knees almost faceplanting in the process, and with a few more punches landing while he’s grounded the referee steps in to bring an end to the fight.

So Brunson gets the TKO victory with just 2.19mins on the clock, while Alvey protests, feeling it was stopped too early.