Derek Brunson made short work of Uriah Hall tonight at UFC Fight Night 94, dropping him in the first round to claim a TKO victory.

Round One:

Hall comes out aggressively, but before he can land a strike Brunson looks to clinch up, and does so against the cage.

They battle for position against the cage and it’s Brunson who remains in the dominant position a minute into the fight.

Hall breaks away and gets back to the center of Octagon. He lands a nice teep kick to the body.

Brunson immediately goes on the offensive and lands a huge left hand that collapses Hall to the canvas. Brunson follows him down and starts landing ground and pound.

Referee Herb Dean quickly moves in to end the fight, handing Brunson a huge TKO win at 1.41mins of the first round, but Hall is quickly back up to his feet protesting that the stoppage was early.

It’s understandable why the ref stopped it as Hall got caught by a hell of a punch and went down hard, but in hindsight he does look as if he’d have been ok to continue. Either way the punch that Brunson dropped Hall with is going to make a very nice addition to his highlight-reel.