Derrick Lewis KO’s Gabriel Gonzaga In First Round At UFC Fight Night 86

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis starched Gabriel Gonzaga late in the first round of their co-main event fight at UFC Fight Night 86 in Croatia today.

Round One:

Lewis with a head kick attempt that’s blocked and then tries to clinch up, but it’s Gonzaga who drives forward and forces him up against the cage.

Gonzaga lands a nice takedown from the clinch and lands in side control. Gonzaga looking to mount, but Lewis turns and he takes his back.

Lewis is able to stand, but Gonzaga is still latched onto him from behind. Gonzaga now back to clinching Lewis against the cage. He drops to his knees as he tries to work another takedown, but it doesn’t pay off this time.

Ref is looking for action as Gonzaga stalls against the cage, and they do get separated.

Lewis misses with a big punch and eats an overhand as Gonzaga goes right back to the cage clinch. A minute of the round remaining as Gonzaga tries to land a trip takedown that lewis defends well.

Again the two men are separated. Lewis suddenly burst forward with a big uppercut that misses, but he follows up immediately with a left and a right that do find the target, and then another right floors Gonzaga.

Lewis continues to hit him even as Gonzaga’s falling glazed eyed to the mat and lands a couple of hard punches on the ground for good measure to wrap up a huge knockout victory!

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